Navocado helps you navigate the legal system

Use our step-by-step guide to make your way through a complex legal process. They are built for pro-bono attorneys and other advocates navigating a new legal topic

Use Navocado to guide a person along a legal path

A person needs to get help with their life problem.
An advocate uses a Navocado screener to determine what legal paths are open to them
Then the advocate uses a Navocado step-by-step to navigate the chosen path.
The person and the advocate collaborate on Navocado to do all the tasks needed.
The person gets to resolution, finishing their path through the legal system.

Who should use Navocado?

We have built this site for licensed lawyers to use.

If you aren't a lawyer, you can use Navocado to understand legal options and information. But if you want advice and guidance -- find a licensed lawyer for that. Following legal procedures is tough, and if you get it wrong it can have bad consequences.

A licensed lawyer who wants to learn how to effectively navigate an unfamiliar legal path.

Social service workers, parents, and others who want to understand legal paths as they support a person who needs help.

Are you interested in building screeners or guides with us? Please be in touch.